Lesson Information

Lesson Prices

Per Half Hour: £14

Per Hour: £28

Teaching Methods

I have great experience teaching beginners all the way to experienced players with uniquely tailored lessons.

I teach a variety of music styles such as rock n’ roll, classic rock, heavy metal, funk and some jazz and folk.

I can also help prepare students for RGT exams up to grade 5.

One of the unique qualities of my teaching is the follow up email after each lesson, this will cover everything learned in the lesson to help the student progress each week. It will often contain TAB of any scales and songs learned as well as song structures and chord diagrams. This email will also outline the aims of practice for  the week to set a clear goal to be achieved.


“Tim is not my first guitar tutor but he’s certainly been the best. I had my first lesson with him 2 years ago and it was clear from the outset that I was in good hands. He has an easy but thorough and professional teaching style; lessons are at a pace that suits,  but with gentle encouragement to ensure that progress is made. And, where appropriate, the lessons are followed up with additional materials: charts, tab and – especially helpful – tailored videos by Tim with solos or chord sequences slowed down and explained in detail. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim for guitarists at all levels of ability.”

– Colin Macdonald

“Tim was friendly and didn’t get frustrated as other guitar tutors have when I didn’t understand or had difficulty playing. His lessons are fun and he teaches at a pace that is good for me personally. He took into account what styles of music I wished to learn and tailored his lessons to fit that, as well as adding general guitar techniques ect. I feel as though my guitar playing has really improved since starting lessons with him.”

– Jacob Clarke

“Tim tutors my 9 year old son. He is thorough, knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. My son loves his lessons and is progressing well under his expert tuition.”

 – Nicola Smith

“Tim is a great teacher, from the first lesson I learned loads and the follow-up emails have been very helpful for learning in my own time. Tim is a great player himself and is very understanding and can take it slow if you’re struggling. On top of that he shares similar interests to me; I’ve really enjoyed the lessons and can feel myself getting much more confident at playing now.”

– Marek Marston

“Tim is a fantastic guitar tutor. Prior to starting with Tim I had spent about a year trying to self-learn on YouTube, which is fine but I hit many a brick wall and found it a hard slog.

Since starting with Tim, I have fallen in love with playing the guitar again. Within just a few lessons my guitar was making sounds that I genuinely thought would take years to make. He has a unique ability to help break through the learning brick-walls, explaining concepts in a way that I can both relate to and understand.

Whilst he is an amazing player himself, and a master of many styles, he has not forgotten what it was like to be a beginner or intermediate player. His comments and guidance really does help to build confidence in my playing. It is also a bonus that he is a really nice guy and is very easy to get along with both face-to-face and via Skype .

The only negative I have to say is that I should have started with Tim years ago! If you are thinking of learning guitar, or can already play and want to brush up on your skills, you are crazy not to call him.”

– Will King